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We’re re-opening on Wednesday, April 14th.

Full details and guidelines can be found on our Covid-19 status page.

From our Facebook Page:

Scrappies Scrapstore
Scrappies Scrapstore is feeling wonderful.
Handmade masks in aid of Scrappies 😷 🧡
Scrappies Scrapstore
Scrappies Scrapstore is feeling fantastic.
New crafty items in store this week! 🎨🧡🛒
Opening Hours
Wednesday 10-5
Thursday 10-4
Friday 10-4
Saturday 10-4
Scrappies Scrapstore
Scrappies Scrapstore
More wonderful creations made using Scrappies fabric. The sensory square is reversible and makes a scrunchy sound when squeezed and the Inner wrapper is from a washed cereal liner 🥣 The Reversible cosy bowl is made using fabric from the remnant section 😍 🧸
Scrappies Scrapstore
Scrappies Scrapstore
Free to a good home/s! 🏡 leather off-cuts 🙂
Scrappies Scrapstore
Scrappies Scrapstore is feeling inspired.
Fabulous crafty creations made by a talented customer using fabric & binding from Scrappies! 💐🌹🌸☺️❤️
Scrappies Scrapstore
Scrappies Scrapstore
We are delighted to be open with normal shopping hours on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and happy to announce that you don’t have to book an appointment to shop.

To make shopping safe for our members, customers, staff and volunteers the following procedures are in place in the store:

Please follow the exterior signs to the entrance at the rear of the shop and wait outside till it is safe to enter.
Only 3 individuals or family groups should be in the shop at any time. However, you may enter as soon as the “Scrap” area is clear. From there you should be able to see if there more than 3 groups doing shopping.
If you need any help, please ring the bell.
Feel free to move on to the next bay once it is clear of shoppers.
We will make special arrangements for wheelchair or pushchair users and others with mobility problems to use the ramp at the front door for entry to the shop.
For everyone’s safety, you must wear a face covering in the store.
Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and in other parts of the store.

Donation of items for sale in the shop:

We welcome donations of clean, safe items for use in children’s education and creative arts on Saturday afternoons, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm, by appointment only. We cannot accept donations at any other time.
We will start taking donations again, as soon as we re-open.
Please phone 07933 843 570 to make an appointment to make donations. Please don’t call the store as we can’t handle appointments there.
At this time we do not require the following items – yoghurt pots, butter tubs, egg boxes (please use your home recycling boxes for all these and anything else you can recycle easily) or lever arch files. A list of acceptable items can be found here.
Donations will be stored for at least 72 hours before we handle them or put them out in the shop.
Thank you for your understanding.